Over the last couple of days during their ground lessons, the two week girls have learnt how to do round pen and have designed their own dream barns. Their dream barns were pretty extravagant- often including a horse shower and spa! Round pen is a training method that involves using your body language to train a horse and gain it’s trust. Each of the girls got a chance to try this out and spent some time in the round pen with Jack- one of our horses who is a complete pro when it comes to round pen!

All of the girls will be going on trail rides over the next two days, this is a chance for them to put all the skills they have learnt in their lessons to the test and to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery we have around us.

Today we have been exercising our culinary skills by making tasty cupcakes. The girls have decorated them with a variety of toppings and we can’t wait to eat them at dinner! Tonight’s evening programme is East plus West where the girls from Mustang village over at main camp come to visit us. The EVR girls have made colourful posters to welcome the girls from Mustang and we are all excited to meet them. Check out the photos on smugmug to see what we get up to together!

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