Here at EVR we do not let the wet weather get us down, so we have still been riding and caring for our horses everyday as well as a variety of other activities. On Tuesday night we had challenge night, where the yurts all compete against each other in different challenges such as the smelliest shoe and silliest group photo. It was brilliant to see the campers  all work together to try and win for their team and we had a great time. The funniest round without a doubt had to be the ‘Best and worst singers’ who had to sing together at the same time! The girls also enjoyed making natural facials and trying them out on each other as well as playing Pacman (a version of line tag) in the dining hall in their activity time. Yesterday we put our teamwork skills to good use by playing kick ball before getting all soapy on the slip n slide! In the evening the camp store visited us, which is always exciting, before the whole of camp launched off on a night hike. The woods around EVR are really beautiful and full of interesting creatures, so during the hike we used all of our senses to explore the surroundings.

Today it has been great to see all of the girls progressing with their riding and getting to know their horses in their lessons. They have all come on so far already! We have also been able to go swimming down at the farm today for the first time which they were all excited about, they sang at the top of their lungs in the tractor the whole way there! The girls also learned about vet care for horses, and as we like to make our ground lesson as interesting and interactive as possible, the girls learnt from Megs our Barn Manager how to best treat a cut or illness with the horses in our barn. This evening’s evening program is Boppers – read on in a couple of days to find out more!

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