The 4-week girls have had an exciting first few days at camp! Yesterday the girls all found out which horse they would be riding for the next 4 weeks and had their first lesson on that horse. The standard of riding was awesome and everyone got on really well with their new ponies.  They girls also learned about how to do daily checks on their horses during a vet care ground lesson.

For evening program last night all the girls joined in playing an all camp game called Chaos. The girls worked together in teams to complete 6 different tasks including Frisbee throwing and water balloon catching. The first team to complete all 6 tasks had to shout Chaos which then started a giant shaving foam fight. The girls covered each other and the counsellors in shaving foam. Everyone enjoyed themselves and EVR was left smelling very clean!

This morning the girls kick started the day on the low ropes course. They all worked together as a team to ensure that every member of the yurt successfully completed the course. It was lovely to see the girls all working together and encouraging each other on! After that we had a game of volleyball in the sunshine before heading to the barn to ride the horses.

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