Even a few rainy days can’t stop the 4 week girls from having fun at camp this week! The girls were superstars yesterday and got up on to their horses and rode brilliantly despite the cloudy skies. Every single rider has really improved over the last couple of weeks and everyone is still developing their riding skills and learning new exercises for their horses.

Drill team prep is now well underway in the 4-week. The theme has been decided and the girls are busy making their costumes and props to decorate the arena and horses. Yesterday afternoon the girls all got involved in the Honey Woo Woo initiation which involves the girls dressing up with socks on hands and funny hair styles and then completing tasks such as a fashion show and a secret hand shake. The girls really enjoyed this and embraced their silly side!

Today the girls have started with a game of SPLAT with all the 2-weekers and then this afternoon we will be heading to the barn to groom, tack and ride!

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