The four week girls have been working hard these last couple of days on their drill team! Drill team is one of the cool opportunities that four week girls get to challenge their horsemanship in a different way and also work together as a team. Their theme this session is The Lion King!  Some awesome ideas are flying around for decorations that are taking shape, literally. There are trees being made, bugs, lion faces, and even elephant bones out of pinecones! The creative juices are flowing and the excitement is mounting as the girls prepare. They learned who their partners will be for the routine and they have had several practices on horseback to get in sync with each other.

Their riding lessons are still progressing at a marvellous rate and they are pouring every minute they can into not only reaching their individual goals, but exceeding them as well! Which is awesome to see! The girls have also been learning about conformation and judging, as well as instructing in their ground lessons. Conformation and judging is about the ideal build for a horse and seeing the structural strengths in a horse. Instructing lessons is something that many of the girls are interested in. So they learned qualities of an ideal riding instructor and will have the opportunity to assist in riding lessons later this week.

Of course the four week girls are also spending many of their hot afternoons at waterfront! The river is a perfect temperature to cool off and soak anyone who is within splash distance.  And with the sun shining  it’s warmth all the girls are happy to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.



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