Its been an exciting few days here at EVR for the 4-weekers. Monday morning started with a game called ‘how well do you know your campers?’. In this game Myself and Erin were asked questions about the campers. If we got an answer wrong then the girls were allowed to cover us in a variety of foods. By the end of the game we were covered from head to toe in honey, cream, ketchup and chocolate sauce as we were not successful in naming the colours of their toothbrushes or their shoe sizes! The girls had a lot of fun doing this and eating chocolate chips as they asked the questions.

The girls have also started their equine massage lessons with Sam! So far we have learnt how to spot lameness in horses as well as learning about herd behaviour. The girls also all had the chance to palpate horses to look for sore spots that they may have. They all found this really interesting and are looking forward to learning about how to massage the horses later this week!

Last Night was quiz night and yurt 4 did an excellent job to finish up with second place showing a great knowledge of EVR, the horses and the counsellors.


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