Hey! We now have the blog up and running, so we can fill you in with all the exciting things that have been happening at EVR!
The girls have now been assigned their horses and are looking forward to getting to know them more and progress throughout their lessons.
The weather has been great everyday, allowing us to play super fun games outside such as Alaskan Baseball- a game where the girls are split up into teams, kick the ball, and have to say everybody’s name in the team before the other team collect the ball! It is so much fun and a great way to learn everyone’s name! It is so nice to see everyone getting
involved and being great team players!
On Sunday night, we had our opening campfire where we sang lots of campfire songs, and each yurt performed a skit to everybody else. Everybody got involved and the skits were so funny! We also had individual performances where the girls got to show off their own talents. We got to seeas singers and gymnasts, all were brilliant!! And could there be a campfire without s’mores?! We roasted our marshmallows and made our own delicious s’mores of course!!
EVR is already in full swing of our third session, and they were all very excited to find out their horse assignments for the session this morning! They all got to meet and ride their own horse this morning, and had a ground lesson (a time where they can learn about the horses, but from the ground). Their ground lesson was about horses around the world! The girls are already really enjoying learning lots and there are lots of other fun things to come!

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