So as the rain continued past Thursday we decided to make the most of the weather and we headed out on a mud hike. This involved all of the girls (and staff!) jumping in every puddle they could find and getting as muddy as they possibly could! It was great fun and the girls loved being able to get outside again. Afterwards came the chance to shower and clean up before the sun came out in the afternoon.

Saturday was bareback day and each of the girls had the chance to ride a different horse. Riding bareback was a new experience for a few of them and it tested their balance, but they all did extremely well. On Sunday we had a lie in and ate brunch at 10.30 which was waffles and ice cream! Sunday at EVR is theme day and this week was no exception. Our theme for this session was the Hunger Games and the girls had a fantastic day doing team building exercises, making shelters in the woods and generally having  a great time. Now we are already in to week two and I can’t believe where the time has gone, the girls all feel the same and are definitely making the most of their riding lessons!

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