What a fun filled weekend we have had! On Saturday we had bareback day! All the girls got to ride a horse without a saddle and learn how to balance and control their horse and feel the movement of their horse! They loved it so much! When not riding, they got prepared for their party in the evening which was Carnival themed! They made clown masks, did cake decorating and prepared a skit for their evening show.

Yesterda0y we had Trolls make the world a better place theme day! All the Counselors dressed up as Trolls and we did activity rotations. The activities were making up songs on how to make EVR a better place, shelter building, nature hikes and we did a really awesome thing for a charity- There is a charity called 1000 paper cranes, where you send 1000 paper cranes to people who are ill as it is believed that they grant a wish such a long life or recovery from illness. The girls had a great day! They had brunch and got waffles and ice cream, and the day ended with a BBQ!

We just watched the solar eclipse!!!  It was very cool and we had the best weather for it!

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