Week two is in full swing and the girls are progressing really nicely, both in the saddle and on the ground.

Yesterday was a busy day and we had the chance to get back in the normal routine. The girls were asked whether they would like to spend more time in the arena or on the trails – ALL of the girls said they were desperate to spend more time in the arena, developing their skills and progressing with their lesson groups. We are really proud to say that EVERY single one of our campers has been working on their individual trot – which is great progress to make in such a short space of time – and the week’s not even finished yet!

While some groups rode, the other groups were learning about the anatomy of a horse and then played board games and sports too.

Last night’s evening program was a hike through the forest on one of our many scenic trails. We always play a really fun game called camouflage where one person is nominated to yell CAMOUFLAGE and everyone else has to make themselves as camouflaged as possible – the last person to be found is the winner.

Today was another great day – the girls spent a long time in the arena and then went on our Ranger Ridge trail through the river and up in to the mountains. This afternoon we had a ‘teachable moment’ when one of our horses had a stomach ache and needed some extra TLC. The girls had the chance to practice their newly learned vet skills and listened to her belly with a stethoscope and help make her feel better.

Tonight, the girls will be playing BINGO!!

WE <3 East Valley!!! 🙂

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