Session A farm campers got their first taste of farm life this morning. The wake up call came at 7am  (some farmers would call that sleeping in, but our campers need plenty of rest for all the other fun activities of the day). After getting ready for the day each yurt takes on a chore. The older girl’s yurt, who have named their yurt “the Flying Moostaches”, cleaned and set up the dinning hall for breakfast.

The younger girl’s yurt, now known as the “Yogurt Yurt”, got to know the chickens and the quail during chores. The girls learned about the breeds of birds we have here on camp and how to collect eggs from the coop. The chicken coop was filled with squeals as the girls tried to carefully scoop up a baby quail or a chicken to hold.

In the barn the boys did a great job of mucking the stalls and feeding the goats, sheep, llama, alpacas, pigs, and rabbits. They even got to experience being a surrogate momma cow for our calf named Ghost who is still being bottle fed.

These guys are not afraid to get dirty, that is why they nicknamed their yurt “the Dirt Yurt”. I’ve never seen kids so excited about shoveling poop before!

After morning chores the kids gather for flag raising then head inside for a delicious breakfast including farm fresh eggs.


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