**Backdating a little bit – I didn’t realize that this hadn’t been posted – sorry families!**
Today is officially the first full day of farm camp for session 4 and it is a beautiful day here at Frost Valley! All the campers woke up early this morning around 7:00 A.M., got ready for the day and headed to complete their daily chores. The chore groups consist of feeding the animals, milking the goat, cleaning the animal pens, collecting eggs, filling water buckets, setting the table for meals, and cleaning the bathrooms.
During the day, campers took part in three different classes during the morning. Today in Animal Care, we introduced ourselves to the group. Our introductions included camper name, age, hometown, favorite animal, and favorite musical artist. Next, we went over the rules in the barn and played a safety game as a group to reinforce the barn rules. This helps to keeps the campers, instructors, and animal safe during our animal care classes. Finally, we took a tour of the barn and introduced all the animals to the campers.
After lunch we had rest hour and then we went swimming in the creek. The water was very cold today, since it stormed last night. Next we took part in yurt rotation such as water ecology, making smoothies, and baking bread. Then we had camper choice which consists of activities such as arts and crafts, sport and others. Then we all enjoyed dinner and went to complete our evening chores. This evening it is storming here in the valley however everyone seems to be doing well and really enjoying their time here farm camp!

Take Care- Johanna “Jo”

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