On Monday, December 14th, 14 Frost Valley staff members attended an educational presentation by Barry Carr from Clean Cities of Central New York and Don Winner from Johnston’s Toyota. Both Barry and Don educated the group on the electric car industry, including the different electric vehicles on the market, the various types of charging stations, and the incentives associated with owning an electric car. They also discussed how to host a charging station in your place of business.

After hearing about all they had to offer, Frost Valley staff had the opportunity to test drive two electric cars currently on the market, the Tesla Model X and the Toyota Prius Prime. While driving the cars, staff noticed that the biggest difference was the ton of acceleration they felt when speeding up.   Staff learned that this is due to the lack of transmission in electric cars. Therefore, the car does not need to shift and the pick up is a lot smoother.

Many charging stations found around the country today are known as Smart Chargers which can choose the best time to charge your car so it is least expensive for the host site.

Thanks to Barry and Don, participants walked away from the presentation more knowledgeable about how beneficial electric cars can be for them as well as the environment. We are excited to be a part of this movement in the car industry and offer two Level 2 electric vehicle-charging stations available for registered guests and staff at our Main Camp location.



Fun Fact: 80% of electric car charging occurs at home and 13% occurs at work.

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