Happy 2016!!! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday week and rung in the new year with a special celebration. Here at Frost Valley, we have a special tradition of our own – Holiday Family Week. Beginning the day after Christmas, we offer a variety of programming, and while some families join us for a couple days, others stay the entire week! This year we may not have had snow, but we offered a variety of other programming, including various projects in the wood shop, pottery, cardboard box play, Life and Death in the Forest, and The Bucket Brigade. You can watch a video of a few of our participants in The Bucket Brigade, where guests learned how to drum on 5-gallon buckets with Program Instructor Greg.

Every New Year’s Eve, we have a great party to celebrate with yummy food, a game of Team Trivia, a dance party, and our famous Ball Drop from the middle of the dining hall. After the initial cheering, we play Auld Lang Syne and retreat home for the evening. The unique part about our party is that we drop the ball at 10:00, which allows everyone to participate, even our youngest guests.

As we prepare for the winter season, our Ski Barn is stocked with boots and skis ready for a great season, the snowshoes are ready to go, and we hope to start making some snow for tubing later this week. In the meantime, we look forward to more weekends filled with creativity and fun. Whether you’re feeling the winter blues or just want to get away, please come join us! We’re looking forward to a great season of fun in the snow and hope to see you soon.

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