The group of counselors (who I met at the mid June training) have an amazing energy, are engaging teachers and inspiring leaders.  And, there’s a terrific group of senior staff, and an EMT who handle logistics, programming, the schedule and attend to those individuals who have any special medical need such as taking daily meds, etc.  Individually, and as a group, these folks seem to embody the core values here at FV.  Everybody shows up each day (even on their day off, the counselors show up before they check out).  That amazingness is seen and translated by the kids (who observe and talk about everything) and bingo…we’re all together in another great day. 

In my last blog I failed to say how darn healthy everybody looks here on the farm.Fresh air, lots of hydration, hours of activity, positive and open energy, sound sleep, great food.  Everybody just seems more engaged, even when sleepy or tired.  Healthy and engaged appears to be transformed into happy and unstressed.  I hope that each person can take some of this “recipe” for healthy living back to their homes, share it with their family and friends and incorporate it into their daily routine.

And now some comments on the food!The Farm Camp food is tasty, colorful and served up family style at lunch and dinner.  Our three cooks, Elliot, Anna and Laura, take such good care of our nutrition.  I’m crazy for home cooking and cooking from scratch.  The quality and variety of food here is pretty impressive.    Every day, there’s something that’s prepared fresh from the garden; everything else seems to be made from scratch and assembled on site. Everybody assembles in the dining hall and starts to eat at the same time (after singing one of three songs of thanks).  Kids are encouraged to try everything and each diner participates in clean up.

Off to the garden.  Enjoy your day.  J

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