Both Hoofbeats and Western Adventures have had a busy few days they have been really enjoying their time at the barn, their riding is improving immensly. Today the weather was very hot so the kids got to take their horses on a trail ride up the neversink, the shady trail alongside our beautiful river background. All of the kids and horses enjoyed spending some time out of the sun.

They have also really been enjoying waterfront, where there are options such as boating, swimming in all depths, a water trampoline, a jungle gym and obviously sand caste making!! The kids have free choice of where they go during waterfront and they definitely enjoy the freedom to have a great time!

The other activities we have done this week have included Tie Dye, which was a crowd favorite, low ropes which is great for team building and geronimo which is a traditional camp game that involves running around in a circle of chairs!!

They are all looking forward to another week of fun!!

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