Thunderstorms hit Frost Valley AGAIN today, but luckily all of the Horse day campers got to ride! They all had a great time on their horses this morning, some of the lessons accomplished weaving the barrels and others mastered more new skills, they are really starting to control their horses well! Western adventures even got to go on a trail today!

Hoof beats got to do the ropes element, flying fish today, where 4 people pull on a rope attached to one persons harness, pulling them into the air. They all had a great time, and for some it was a great achievement to be pulled high into the air as they were afraid of heights!

Sadly waterfront was cut short today due to the thunder, but the campers had an epic time playing carpet ball, soccer, lanyards and also making bracelets with their horses hair in!

All in all it was a good day, here’s hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!

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