This morning the Horse Day campers had an epic challenge morning. They all really enjoyed competing in different rounds of challenges in small teams. Challenge team games are really important at frost Valley because they promote the core values of inclusiveness and respect along with many of the others. The campers were really good at working as a team, supporting each other and cheering for the other teams!

The campers then had ground lessons where they learned a variety of facts about horses, including parts of the horse.

The next activity was making stick ponies, which is always popular with the kids, as when they are finished, they are able to use them to compete in races and shows.

The campers then had the choice of whether to brave the cold and go to waterfront, which many of them did and had loads of fun on the funyaks and paddle boards; or to do tie dye which many of them chose! Although I’m sure more tie dye went on the floor then on the clothes…Can’t wait to see what the creations look like though!


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