On Tuesday, the Hoofbeats campers went on the flying squirrel, which is a ropes element that involves 4 people pulling a rope that pulls another camper up into the air and into the trees, they all had a great time! They also got their horse assignments for the session, which they were all extremely exited about!! They had a great time riding their new horses and their skills are improving already!! They also did some ground lessons which involves learning things like parts of the horse! Lastly, they did their swim tests to establish what sections they can swim in for the rest of the session…(busy day!)

Today, they went on the climbing wall on our Y tower, they all really enjoyed it and tried really hard to climb as far as they could! They also played an epic game of dodge ball that was very competitive, but they all showed really good skills of sportsmanship and inclusiveness which is really important at Frost Valley! They all really enjoyed waterfront today too, some went on the trampoline and swum and some also played in the sand!


Western Adventures:

On Tuesday, some of the campers had their first cantering lesson which was a big step for them! It takes a lot to work up to the point to be ready to do so, so we were very proud! They also got a chance to go on the high ropes course which is always fun! The most fun part of the day was when Sam came over and they got to use her massage machine on themselves to see what it does to the horses!

Today, they did round pen which is learning about herd behaviour and how to break in new horses which is really interesting! They also had a lesson with Jennie which they all enjoyed! Their drill team practice started today which is something to look forward to for the end of the session! They have started a mural in the model forest classroom which is looking pretty cool! All in all, a good day!

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