Everyone has been super busy the past week with horse day camp. From the first day of riding evaluations to horse assignments we have been having a blast learning all there is to know about horses. There have been many ground lessons already where the kids have learned all about the parts of a saddle, colors and markings of horses, and even what horses eat. Even though there was some rain last week, we still had tons of fun learning about horses in the barn. We had a scavenger hunt with different horse tools and supplies hidden all over. All of the kids formed teams and searched for the items EVERYWHERE!

The kids have all gotten to ride their horses in lessons throughout the week. Some of them are trotting already! They have been practicing controlling their horses by steering them through barrels. They love doing the barrels as well as circles and reverses, because it shows them how they are actually the one telling the horse where to go.  The kids love spending time with the horses, even brushing them giving them special show hairdo’s.

The kids have tried many other activities outside of the horse barn as well. Some of them tested their fear of heights on the flying squirrel. The flying squirrel is where one camper gets their harness clipped onto the rope and their friends pull them up high into the trees. Other folks hiked to the top of our Y-Tower and jumped off on the zip line. Today, we took a hayride down to one of the fields the horses stay in on weekends. We have been very busy with all of the horse riding and activities. The rest of the session is looking like it will be a blast.

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