This morning the campers had a really fun game of kick ball which they all did really well in and had a great time playing. They used many of Frost Valley’s core values whilst playing, of inclusiveness, caring and community; this is obviously really important and great when the kids exhibit these qualities without being prompted.

Western adventures also got to go on a hike today, around Lake Cole, they played a game of camouflage which they really really liked. The aim is to hide in the bushes and not get spotted, they were all really good at it!

Hoof Beats built shelters in the woods, which they thought was great. Some of the shelters were so well built, they looked like you could live in them! They used great teamwork to build them which made the counselors really proud.

Today, they were really excited that they all got to ride! The weather held up and the campers all did really well on their horses, again their control and skills are improving a lot and they will all be pros in no time!

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