…what’s a blue square like?” That was a question I overheard as the Wilderness Skill Builder cooked their dinner (macaroni and cheese with the option of tuna). This crew got up and out of their Ladleton campsite as they had a long day of hiking over Wildcat Mountain on their way back to the West Valley. Today’s skills included water purification using a filter, land navigation, cooking, and fire-starting. There was also some discussion (and demonstration) of alternative tooth-brushing methods. It seems that coals from your fire are a great substitute if you can stand the grit.

Coals for a tooth brush

This is something cowboys used to do before heading into town. It is surprisingly effective at whitening teeth. But as I considered this, I also wondered about the group’s sanity. They have only been out for 2 days now. How bad could it be? Just to be sure, I looked through more pictures and came across this:

Oh my!

Oh my! I’d be worried if they had more hiking to do, but tomorrow I will be dropping them off at the Delaware River for a couple days of paddling and a night by the river. Maybe the water will help? I hope you are enjoying your week as much as they are loving theirs. See you in a couple of days!

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