Yesterday felt like our first day of summer.  I think it actually hit 80!  The Health Department was here to check the swimming area (it was too cold last time) and we had a full house waiting to get in.  All of Frost Valley including the Farm Camp has to pass inspections by both the Health Department and the American Camping Association (ACA).  The Health Department comes once or twice a summer.  ACA doesn’t give us a license, but they do put their seal of approval on us as a camp.  ACA also is active in helping determine overall best management practices for camps throughout the U.S.    Between the two separate visits no stone if left unturned they check every single aspect of camp.  When I first started this job I felt pretty overwhelmed that we could get shut down for some silly little thing wasn’t being done correctly.  Now I welcome the visits and look forward to having a couple sets of third party eyes to help us keep the campers safe and healthy.

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