Although parents are probably excited for to see their Mustang girls tommorrow….the staff are sad to see the girls go.  After a thunderstorm yesterday the heat has broken and it is absolutely gorgeous out!  We are going to cram as much fun and activities into the day as possible.  The girls are swimming now and then will have a full day of riding, games and activities.   Today has a longer trail ride and some bonding time for the girls to have a chance to spend extra time saying goodbye to their horse.   I think that most of the excitement is aimed towards tonight’s battle of the valleys “East vs West”.  Find out who the winner is tomorrow from your camper. 

After check-out tomorrow you can bring your Mustang Camper to the barn and she can give you a tour, show you her horse, and introduce you to her instructor.  This is a great chance for your daughter to have the opportunity to tell you about her camp experience and show you first hand what she loved!

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