As promised, an amazing weekend was had by all the campers at EVR! Sunday is the horses’ day of rest and so each session every year we have a theme day! This session’s theme day was HOLLYWOOD THEME. The campers were told to dress up as their favorite character from a TV Show, Movie or a Singer! Some of the outfits and hair-dos were quite impressive.

We had a number of different activities for Hollywood day – such as Hollwood-themed charades, trash bag fashion shows, and the girls even got the chance to make a golden star for the Hollywood walk of fame.

Our evening was of course just as glamorous as our day as we all headed to THE OSCARS at EVR. There was an award ceremony and the chance to get all dressed up to make a change from our barn boots and smelly jeans.

Today is Monday – which means we are back on regular schedule. The four week girls spent all morning riding – and I will say that the girls are looking REALLY impressive. The four weekers also had another class of Equine Massage with Sam and then played a game of QUIDDITCH. See smugmug soon for some hilarious pictures of the girls on their broomsticks.

The girls that are here for two weeks played a traditional British game called Rounders led by some of our British counselors. It’s similar to Baseball only with different balls and bats. I think you know it’s a good game of rounders when they can be heard from the opposite side of the barn :)!

They also continued to work on their skills under saddle in the arena and when they weren’t riding their ground lesson today was Horse Careers – learning about all the different jobs inside the horse industry.

Tonight’s evening program is ULTIMATE SICKO BALL! A traditional EVR fave.

Check back later in the week for the updated blogs/pictures.

WE LOVE EVR!!!! <3

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