The farm has been experiencing some weather reminiscent of that in Autumn- very chilly, very windy, very beautiful. The staff decided the best way to celebrate this out-of-season weather was to embrace it by celebrating Halloween a few months early!

The day was filled with all sorts of activities! To start, the campers made their own costumes.

They then carved some pumpkins from the garden to really put Farm Camp into the Halloween spirit.


The afternoon was spent playing Halloween-themed games like Humans vs. Zombies, and Pin the Protective Mittens on the Zombie That Will Scratch Your Eyes Out.


And of course, there was an awesome Halloween snack: Chocolate Covered Apples.



It was a packed theme day and the kids had a blast. Today the campers willhave an equally exciting Sunday: Brunch, Practical Farm Day, and the camp BBQ and dance with our friends from East Valley Ranch!



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