MOO!  During staff training one of the things we talked about is how to get a group of campers to quiet down when someone needs to tell them something.  I had worked at another camp where one person held up their hand like they had a question then everyone else held their hand up.  The idea was that as soon as any person put their hand up they need to zip it.  This winter I did what most camp directors do, which is go to at least a couple conferences to get ideas for how to tweak things at camp so that the camp gets better every year.  One of the speakers made a hand gesture that looked like a coyote and gave a great story of why the coyote was much better than the hand raising thing.  Back to staff training.  I broke out the coyote and before I knew it several of the counselors moooooo’d back at me.  A new Farm Camp tradition was born. Nobody planned it; camp magic was at work and it was time for this new tradition.  The headline picture for the blog is the entire camp holding up their MOO sign.  I haven’t tried this method out on my 2 year old Hannah yet……

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