Every camper gets a chance to dive deeper into the life of a farmer during morning programs. The yurts rotate between hands-on lessons with the animals and in the garden.

Our animal specialist Emma helps the campers to feel more comfortable safely interacting with farm animals while learning the in’s and out’s of taking care of them. Here campers from Yurt 1 take time for a bunny cuddle.


Kara, the garden specialist has been teaching the campers not only what kind of plants you can grow and eat, but also what  those plants need in order to grow. Campers have been getting a chance to connect with where their food comes from and participate in the growing and harvesting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yurt 2 has weeded and prepared a bed to be planted.

Farmstead crafts are also offered during morning programming. Campers learn to take the products from the farm like wool, milk, and berries and turn them into yarn, butter, and jam! One of the favorite morning programs is a session we like to call wild card. This program is anything from team building to yoga. Here the boys yurts 6 and 7 perfect their balance by the stream.

By lunch the campers have already grown their food, cared for animals, and found a peaceful place to breath!

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