The weather outside of the mountains might be almost unbearable, but here at Frost Valley is has been beautiful.  Today was the warmest day of the week, but we have been working hard to help the girls and horses handle the heat.  Frequent water breaks, time in the shade, mandatory rest hour, and other cooling activities have helped to keep the girls from getting run down.  Both yesterday and today the girls could not get to waterfront fast enough for a refreshing dip in the lake.  They enjoy waterfront so much that last night they had the chance to go for a night swim after dinner.  During the mornings they played dodgeball and learned how to make dream catchers.  In the afternoon yesterday the girls were assigned their lesson horses and given their lesson group.  Then they had the chance to spend time with their new horse and instructor.  All of the girls were heading out for a trail ride in the shade this afternoon which lets them relax with their horse.  The girls have the chance to enjoy riding and spending time with their horse without standing in the blazing sun in the arena.  Anticipation is already building for our all-camp event “OLYMPIX” this coming Sunday/Monday.  We are uploading pictures now, so check back soon.


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