Things are really getting going now.  The girls all have their horses, and they know the routine.  Lots of fun in the sun, bonding time at the barn, and trying new things.  Lessons have been going really well and we have been really impressed with how quickly the girls adjusted to their new horses.  Tomorrow they will all head out on the trail to have a nice scenic ride along the Neversink River.

In addition to all of their time at the barn the girls have had the chance to make candles, hike to High Falls, enjoy a campfire and much more.  Mustang girls have the best of both worlds as they spend half of the day at the barn, and the other half they get to enjoy waterfront and a traditional camp activity.  Our Village Chief works hard to give the girls a good mix of activities. 

The girls are looking forward to Saturday when they will have the chance to ride bareback and learn about native american horse painting.  It is a fun and different activity that the girls really enjoy!

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