Today the Mustang girls had the opportunity to try the ropes element, the flying squirrel, where one person in a harness is pulled in the air by 4 people on the other end of a rope! All of the girls were very eager to try, and there were no nerves about heights! They all got to go twice and absolutely loved it!

Next up was waterfront, where the girls had tons of fun splashing about. Frustratingly, it rained towards the end so we walked up to lunch early! The girls had fun at the store today, choosing some souvenirs to take home with them!

This afternoon’s riding lessons were epic. The girls were so excited to find out their horses, they could barely sit through their ground lessons. They learned about the parts of the horse, which they found very interesting. Then they got put into their lesson groups! The girls did so well in their lessons, it was really enjoyable to watch all of their smiling faces!

Tonight they are learning songs and playing theater games!

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