Last night, the girls were very excited to see that the storm had cleared up and they were able to go to their evening program which was night swim. It was nice for them to have the whole of waterfront to themselves to do what ever they wanted. It took a lot of persuading to get all the girls out at the end because they were all having so much fun!

As a treat this morning the mustang girls got to go to breakfast in their pajamas, which they were very excited about!

You’d think the girls would have had enough of water by now but all were very eager to hop in the lake this morning. They had a great time splashing each other and practicing their swimming; as well as building some pretty fantastic sandcastles.

After lunch there were some more thunder warnings, so frustratingly riding had to be postponed again. But mustang girls are troopers and everyone was excited for the rainy day activities we had planned. They painted some beautiful horse shoes and used the dress up box to act out some very creative skits. These skits are good practice for tonight’s Evening program, which is theater games, followed by story time with Al!

Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow…

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