Last night was an epic evening of games, songs and skits.  Modeled after Woodstock, our “Hirdstock” was a huge success and the girls had an amazing time.  Multiple girls sang and did skits in front of hundreds of other campers…which is a really big challenge.

Today the girls went to waterfront and then played some “Rounders” which is a English version of kickball…with a bat.  It seems strange but the girls absolutely love it, and our staff enjoy teaching games from their home countries.  This afternoon the girls will be heading to the barn for lessons and time with their horses.  It is warmer today and the girls are really enjoying some time in the sun.  We are hoping this weather hold out for the rest of the session because it is gorgeous.

Tonight the girls are having a campfire with more skits and songs that were not able to be shared at Hirdstock .  In addition the girls will be learning how to make baked apples over the campfire.  Basically an apple is sliced, wrapped in foil with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.  After they bake for about 10 minutes you have a soft gooey sugary cinnamon apple.  They are amazing!  We uploaded some pictures of Hirdstock this morning so you can see your tie dyed girls!

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