Today the Mustang girls all got a taste of what flying feels like, with the activity ‘Flying Squirrel’; where 4 people pull a cord attached to one persons harness, pulling them up in the air! Despite a few initial nerves, all the girls had a go and absolutely loved it; laughter and smiles all around!

Next stop was waterfront, where the girls enjoyed building sand castles and also ‘dump the bucket of water on the counselors’!

By the time rest hour came around, all the girls were asleep on their feet so we had Mustang nap time, which not everyone was overjoyed about but after 5 minutes, were all pretty much fast asleep.

After a re charging nap, the girls raced down to the barn to find out their horse assignments. Everyone was really happy with their horses and thoroughly enjoyed their lessons including some games of horseback red light/green light.

Tonight’s activity is Fort building, in the woods and then the girls have Tie dye to look forward to in the morning!

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