This morning the girls had a great time pretending to be on stage. We had singing, dancing and acting. All the girls took it in turns to take the spotlight…turns out we have some serious talent in Mustang!

After the epic performances, we headed to arts and crafts. The girls learnt how to tie dye and all really enjoyed it we are leaving them to dry overnight, so can’t wait to see what they look like tomorrow when we pick them up!

Next up was lunch and rest hour! The girls played cards, read books and wrote letters. Frustratingly, the weather took a turn for the worst and Frost Valley had its first Thunderstorm of the summer camp season! Luckily, the weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit. The girls learned about horse colors and drew their own dream horses. We had some interesting creations, including one that pooped candy floss! The girls then had a dance competition which was tiring but fun to watch!!

Tomorrow the girls are looking forward to hopefully, some sunshine, riding and seeing their epic tie dye creations!

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