These past 2 days have been so busy and fun filled!

Yesterday morning, the girls were very excited to do tie dye! They all had a great time, splashing the different colors everywhere and hopefully creating some pretty epic designs! They will get to collect them today to see how they turned out! I am personally very excited to see what they look like!

After Tie dye, we headed down to waterfront for their swim checks! They all did so well and gave the test a go! They all stayed in the water to wait for the last girl to finish which made me very proud because they were being so supportive and caring!!

The afternoon of riding seemed to fly by! They all did very well in their lessons, they were learning circles and reverses which is showing great control of their horses.

Last night’s evening program was movie night and the girls watched the Hannah Montana movie, which they all really enjoyed, so did the staff. Plus it has horses in it! What more could you want??

This morning the girls got the chance to try out our Y tower and did some rock climbing. They all tried really hard and were very impressive with their climbing skills. A couple of them looked like monkeys scaling up the side so quickly!

After rock climbing, the girls did a soapy slip and slide down the hill! They had tons of fun running up and sliding down for a good hour (They are going to be very tired tonight!). It was very amusing to watch them sliding down on their tummies at rocket speed!

Their riding lessons this afternoon went really well, they are improving so much, its a pleasure to watch! They also had very interesting ground lessons today, one of the groups learned how to rope cows and did some stick pony barrel racing!

Tonight’s evening program is challenge night, which should be very funny!!

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