Mustang Village is off to a great start!  The girls have settled in and are getting along really well.  This session is incredibly cohesive and all of the girls seem to be making friends with everyone.  Our first day was filled with riding evaluations, swim tests, waterfront rules, getting to know you games and orientation.  Now the girls have gotten the hang of things and are really enjoying themselves.

Sunday night they enjoyed a hayride down to a field to meet some of the horses.  It is a fun activity as the horses actually eat the hay out of the wagons, giving the girls the chance to pet them.  The girls have also had a chance to try a variety of camp activities including GAGA ball, Bracelet making, twilight hike around Lake Cole, and star gazing.

The girls have spent each afternoon at the barn.  N0w they are familiar with their horses for the session and are working in their lesson groups to improve their riding skills.  Today is also a campers birthday and the staff have planned some special birthday activities to help everyone celebrate.  Tonight they will enjoy Theater Games which is a program that lets the girls be creative, speak in public, act, and learn that it is ok to be silly.

We did have an issue with the photos which has been res0lved.  We are uploading to SmugMug as I type, so check back later for pics of the session so far!DSCN3989

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