Most of the girls of Mustang would have a tough time deciding which area they love more….the barn…or the lake.  With temperatures quite warm these last couple of days, swimming and playing at waterfront seems to be taking the lead as the second most popular activity for the Mustang Girls.  We have been working hard to reapply sunscreen and drink lots of water so that every girl feels great and is excited to participate in every activity.  Yesterday’s lessons were hot, but a relaxing trail ride in the shade afterwards helped to cool things down.  The girls have tried their hands at archery as well as GaGa Ball.  During evening program they learned to Tye Dye, and had the chance to design their own shirts.

All of the girls have been doing well.  There is a definite difference in the riding abilities of the girls from the start of the session until now.  The girls don’t know it yet but tonight they will be having a surprise ice cream social!  Tomorrow will be longer trail rides and some bonding time with their horses.  In the evening the girls will travel to East Valley Ranch for our challenge night of East vs West.  This is an amazing way for the girls to end the session and everyone is getting really excited!  We can’t believe the session is slowly winding to a close.

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