The giant weather system that moved across the East Coast yesterday brought more than 4 inches of rain to our area.  Our 1st day of camp was still filled with fun, games, and the chance for girls to get to know each other…but most of the activities needed to take place in side.  Swim tests and waterfront had to be postponed until today as rising water levels and cold weather didn’t make for an inviting time at the lake. 

During the afternoon the girls came to the barn to go through our traditional first day orientation.  They learned the rules, met the horses, and went over all of the general information they will need to know when handling their horses.  Unfortunately due to the weather, riding evaluations needed to be postponed until this afternoon.  The girls are all excited to come down and show the instructors their riding skills.  The storm has broken and the sun is starting to peek through the clouds, so everyone is happy for an afternoon outdoors.  After the girls do their riding evaluation they will be assigned to a horse, lesson group, and instructor for the session.  This allows them the chance to progress and learn with girls who have similar riding abilities to their own. 

We have also scheduled a variety of activities outside the barn based on feedback from the girls after check in.  Now that the storm has passed we are gearing up for an amazing week at camp!

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2 thoughts on “Mustang Village…Off to a Wet Start

  1. boy, the weather has been wet, but looks like the sun is on its way soon.
    HEY Sarah! didn’t see much of you in the pics, hope you are having FUN.
    Love, Mom

  2. Hurrah! The sun is out!! I hope you are all having fun and are enjoying your horses. I bet they and you are ready to ride. Indigo, I can’t wait to hear all about your time at Mustang Village. Hello to your friends and counselors.

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