It’s hard to believe that the second session of Mustang Village has already started.  We are so excited to have a new group of girls who are as excited to learn about horses as the staff are to teach them.  This year we even have two campers who are part of our Chinese partnership.  They are already teaching words and games to some of the girls and it just goes to show how much Frost Valley values diversity.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity.  The girls played games, worked on memorizing everyone’s names, and had a great time exploring Frost Valley.  Everyone had a swim check- which is Frost Valley’s way of ensuring everyone is safe in the area they are swimming at waterfront.  All the girls were eager to get in the water and sad to leave at the end of the activity period.  In the afternoon they traveled to the barn.  Again, it was a day of orientations, riding evaluations, learning dozens of horses names, and much more.  At the end of the day the girls were pretty much exhausted but early agreed on a hike to High Falls.  They loved the natural waterfall and it was so much cooler down along the river.

Today is the day the real fun starts!  All the girls were very eager to jump in at waterfront.  It was quite warm today and the chance for a cool down was very exciting.  Girls ventured to the water trampoline, went boating, and simply swam back and fourth to the floating docks.  After waterfront they did some cool and relaxing activities to help keep them from overheating. In the afternoon they headed to the barn and were eager to find out which horse they would be riding for the session.  They learned which ride groups they would be in, and who their instructor for the session would be.  Today was incredibly hot and to help keep all the Mustang girls and their horses from overheating….they went on a trail ride!  All the girls were super excited, especially since they usually don’t have the chance to go on a trail ride until later in the session.  The girls all did a wonderful job, and it was a nice relaxing start to building a strong relationship with their new horse!  It is only 5:15pm here right now, and there will be plenty more going on today.  The girls are slathered in sunscreen, fully hydrated and ready for their next adventure!

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