Our third session of Mustang Village is off to a great start!  The girls have really settled in quickly and are already enjoying camp.  Monday was a whirlwind of firsts as the girls get into the routine of camp.  The also did riding evaluations, swim tests, and a ton of getting to know you activities.  Today the girls went to waterfront first thing to cool off in the lake.  Now that swim tests are complete, the girls can just enjoy time swimming and hanging out with their new friends.  After waterfront they change and have a brief period of time to clean the lodge and their bunks.  Then they headed out for some fast paced games including Gaga and Dodgeball.  This afternoon is exciting as the girls will be assigned to their lesson groups and meet their horse for the session!    During this session we have a larger age range in Mustang Village, so the different “rooms” in the lodge (which are decided by age) will each be doing some special activities designed just for their age bracket!  Check back and this blog will be updated every few days to give you an idea of what is happening in Mustang Village!DSCN3258

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