Our 2 week adventure trips have hit there half way point and I have only heard fantastic raves of how much the kids are loving it. Here is a play by play for each trip:

West Virginia White Water
After a minor hiccup with our bus, the campers made it to West Virginia with more energy than they knew what to do with. Don’t worry that didn’t last past the first day where they participated in the Mud Race. The Mud Race is a lot like the tough mudder races that they have today. After a day of getting dirty they were able to try their hand at some white water rafting the next 2 days. The first day they were able to solo on inflatable kayaks and the second day they tested (with great success) their team work in the larger rafts. The kids had an amazing time and everyone came out it with greater confidence. After such an exhausting few days, they were given a day to unwind and do some biking and hang out. The trip has been a very positive experience for everyone and I can’t wait to hear about the second half of their trip!


White Mountains Climbing and Kayaking
The White Mountains trip has been nothing but fun and games for this crew! They spent the entire first week rock climbing and challenging themselves more and more each day. They had a 3 different climbs that they could attempt, each one different and challenging in its own way, and I am proud to say that every single person on the trip made it up to the very top of at least one of the climbs. What an amazing accomplishment for everyone! They have now moved to Rhode Island where the kayaking is better. They had a day of kayaking on a lake to get use to the boats and polish their skill before they make their way to the coast to do some more intensive kayaking. Everyone is ear to ear smiles and I’m excited to hear what the second half the trip has in store for the entire group!


Habitat for Humanity (aka HabiCat)
This group was the perfect group to start off the summer with Habitat for Humanity. They have been extremely hardworking, courteous, enthusiastic, and creative so far. The group has been working hard on all sorts of different tasks while volunteering. They have been separating scrap metal which may sound boring but who doesn’t like a little demolition to separate some metal. They have also been fixing up old bikes to the point where they are able to be put them on the sales floor for others to purchase. There is even a task to find old props to put aside for people to rent and put on movie sets. It’s almost like a scavenger hunt!! But I don’t want you to think that this is all work and no play. They have had a chance to go rock climbing at the Mohonk Preserve and do a lot of day hiking in the surrounding area. They also have a day of mountain biking in the Preserve, which is a beautiful place to explore on your bike. The amount of work that this group is putting in is doing wonders for the surrounding community and I personally want to thank all of them for their help. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

There will be another post and pictures once the trips have arrived back to camp!

Happy trails

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