Outpost is full of boys who love challenges, competition, and working hard for a sense of achievement. As the final village in Wawayanda, they understand that it is their approach to these challenges that helps to shape them into the men they will become; as they look to the future in Camp Henry Hird, and beyond into their adult years.

This week’s challenge honed a skill even adults find difficult to master, patience. Led by their counselors to various approved fishing spots around camp, they picked up tips and tricks that would give them the best chance of catching some impressive local specimens. Then they set in to wait…

Bigger Fish!Big Fish

After finding out what they had caught, and with a quick pose for the camera, the fish were released back into the ecosystem we work so hard to protect at Frost Valley. The fish above their reward, the campers were able to see with their own eyes the value of patience, safe in the knowledge that some times good things come to those who wait.

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