Proof we found the pond on our photo hunt!

Proof we found the pond on our photo hunt!

Dear Journal,

I don’t know if I am suppose to tell you or not, but Project X went off without a hitch.  I mean, at least I think it did!  Now that I am in Adventure Village, I have a new name and have drank the all natural tea that has been a tradition in Sequoia for decades…  Oops, I am not suppose to tell you that.

This morning we did Project Adventure.  Don’t worry, its not part of Project X.  We don’t do Project X around the rest of camp, as they know nothing of its X-treme nature…  Oops, once again I said too much.  Project Adventure is all about team-building and getting to know each other, so we can complete the X and our mini-trips.  We are going to find out which trip we are going on in the next few days and I can’t wait!

Adventure Village 058

This afternoon, we got a choice of the climbing tower or going on a hike to Devil’s Hole.  I went on the hike.  I came back really muddy.  The climbers said the tower is wicked sweet.  I am going to save it for later this week.  Okay, talk to you later.  I am being called for tonight’s activity.  I can’t wait to hear what it is….

W. Phenoix

P.S.  I forgot to talk about the weather.  Sorry.  It was really sunny, then cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy, then sunny.  Okay you get the point.  At least it was sunny for our swim test.

P.S.S. The water is really cold, but fun.

Yup, it's PA time..

Yup, it's PA time..

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