Here at East Valley Ranch it is tradition for it to rain on every single opening day of camp and every single closing day of camp – it just seems to be the norm. However, for the first time this whooooole summer it was sunny and beautiful on opening day! So, this meant that we could enjoy a BBQ of burgers and cake for dessert and then have opening campfire outside at our beautiful fire ring! We shared stories and talents and many of the girls showed off their amazing singing voices! We made goals for the session and then our fire wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t finish with s’mores!

Yesterday (Monday) was also a beautifully sunny day here at the Ranch which meant that we could have a great morning filled with EVAL RIDES! This is where the girls get to show us their talents under saddle and meet all of our awesome horses. The girls did a really great job with their eval rides, and there is always a transition period where it takes a bit of time to get used to how things are done at different barns, but the girls did such a wonderful job.

Yesterday afternoon we went swimming at our beautiful swimming hole on the Neversink River and made the most of the beautiful day. Last night’s evening program was Paper Bag Skits, a traditional EVR favorite where the girls are given a bag of random items that they have to incorporate into a series of different skits… There are always some crazy and wacky skits that occur.

Today at breakfast the girls found out who their horse would be for the next two weeks… It’s always an exciting morning, one of the girls said to me that it was like waking up on Christmas morning!! 🙂

The only thing getting in the way of our awesome day is the 90% chance of rain all day. If there is thunder/lighning in the area then we are not allowed to ride. However, if the weather just stays rainy, the girls and instructors have agreed that they don’t mind getting a little wet if it means they get to ride their ponies! That’s how we roll here at EVR. Check smugmug later today for the latest pics to be uploaded!


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