Session 1 of Frost Valley Farm Camp has begun! Campers started off the session Sunday night with an opening campfire where campers and staff alike showed off their talents through skits, songs, and poems. Whether watching their counselors perform in a short play about a magical farm in the Catskills or listening to their peers sing a song, campers were laughing throughout and had a wonderful opening night to the session.

The next morning campers signed up for their week-long specialties designed to help kids learn a new skill or improve existing ones. Some of these specialties include gardening, livestock, outdoor living skills, nature art, team building, and sports.


Campers in a competitive game of soccer.

Campers in a competitive game of soccer.


In garden specialty, campers are learning how to turn used wood pallettes from around the farm into beautiful garden beds where flowers, herbs, and produce can be grown. These campers are doing great at representing Frost Valley’s value of Stewardship by creating something lovely for all to appreciate and leaving the farm better than they found it.



Campers brainstorming how to turn wooden palletes into garden beds.


Campers also went to waterfront each day this week, where they had the choice to go swimming or boating. Some kids at boating had a great time in pond ecology, catching frogs, tadpoles, newts, and more!


Getting ready for boating.

Getting ready for boating.



She got one!

The summer has been off to a great start! Tune in later this week for coverage on the overnight, theme day, and Sunday reflection.

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