We are SO excited here at the farm to welcome our third group of campers to camp this summer!  With an opening campfire as epic as this one, we cannot wait to see all of the creative events, memories, and experiences our campers have with us here at the farm!


Yurt 3 wrote this very clever and farm-related song, and sang it in memory of the cow we will be eating for dinner the next two weeks!


“Ode to Marshal the Cow”

To the tune of “Someone Like You” by Adele

I’ve heard

that you’re a great cow and you

ate some grass but you’re

dead now

I heard that you’re

black and white but they

murdered you in the

dead of night


Old cow

why are you so good

I ate you in a taco

and again I would


I hate to turn up when you’re mooing for help but I

can’t help you unless

you’re in a corn shell

I hope that you see us and

that you are well reminded that your death

was for our lunch


Nevermind we’ll find

a cow like you

and anyway we already have two

they are babie

and they’re cute

and they don’t smell like poop

but you’ll always be the best

and that is true.


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