Well, session 4 of East Valley Ranch is underway and all the girls are settled in to their yurts and making new friends already.

Yesterday was a pretty chilled out day for the girls, they made posters and decorated their yurts for the afternoon and then went through the expectations that we have here at EVR. After a lovely BBQ dinner the girls went and prepared some skits and songs for the campfire later on in the evening.

The weather has not been that great, so we had the campfire in the warmth of our beautiful dining hall. Some of the girls performed some skits, we had a mime performance and a few songs too! It wouldn’t have been a real campfire without roasting marshmallows on the fire too :).

This morning we, unfortunately, woke up to even MORE rain, 3 inches so far :(, which means that our arena’s have become unsafe for riding :(. But that didn’t stop us from having a busy morning at the barn! The girls did not ride but they were still taught about leading and tying, rules of the barn, horse introductions, and had a tour of the barn.

Lunch today was chicken nuggets, peas, and home made fries – YUM! This afternoon, the girls will head back down to the barn to learn how to groom and tack, and learn a bit of stable management too :). We will also be playing some getting to know you games and tonight’s evening program will be spent snuggled up in our couch room watching Spirit the movie – one of our faves here at EVR!!

The weather is forecast to brighten up in the morning which hopefully means we will be able to fit some riding in tomorrow! Unfortunately the weather is the only thing we do not have control of 🙁


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5 thoughts on “Session 4 at East Valley Ranch!

  1. Hope today is a sunnier day with lots of horseback riding.It rained here on long island most of the day too.
    Andy Bodor

  2. So great- love the pics…keep them coming, looks like the girls are really getting off to a wonderful start. Brooklyn weather is shaping up and I hope your is too.

    We love you Annabel,
    Mom, Dad and Jonah

  3. Will there be any photographs posted from East Valley Ranch? I checked smugmug, but didn’t see any there labeled EVR, even in earlier sessions. Would they be included with the Mustang Village or Farm Camp photos?

  4. Hi All,
    Looks like you are all having a great time.
    It makes me want to be a kid agian 🙂

    Just an fyi Andie does not like her photo taken…..so as her crazy Mom I usually bug her by being goofy until she smiles and than snap away!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to more horsey pics.

    Have a great day,
    Andie’s Mom 🙂

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