We have had a pretty amazing first few days of session 4 so far. The girls all arrived on Sunday and spent the day meeting their yurt mates, touring EVR, and unpacking their things. For dinner we enjoyed some DELICIOUS hamburgers and for dessert we had ice pops! After this we closed the night with OPENING CAMPFIRE, where the girls were asked to share their goals for the session and let us know what they are most excited about! We also had a mini talent show, where there was some singing, guitar playing, dancing, human horses & a couple of hilarious skits! And of course any campfire would not be complete without a few smores before bedtime!


Yesterday was, of course, EVALUATION DAY! This is the day where the girls have their chance to show us their talents in the saddle. We then assign them to a horse that matches their riding skill and also their personality type for the whole two weeks that they are here. Obviously sometimes riders and horses are not always a good match so we try to do our best and, if need be, we switch to a horse that is an even better fit. After lunch and a well earned rest hour, we decided that because it was SO hot, we would take a ride down to the water hole at the farm! Last night’s evening program was…. PAPER BAG SKITS – a summer camp classic, where the girls are divided into teams and given a few very random items that they have to incorporate into their skits in some way. It’s always a great laugh and the girls definitely all leave with smiles on their faces at the end of the night.


Today was a little challenging in terms of the weather, but we are all barngirls here at EVR and chose to tough it out and RIDE as much as we could, even in through rain. Today was their first day riding their newly assigned horse. It is usually a getting to know you process for the first lesson, with the girls learning about their horse’s personality and vice versa. We split the girls in half for the day, groups 1,2 & 3 ride in the morning, and A,B & C ride in the afternoon (in the second week we will flip flop). While half the girls are riding, the other half learned about all the different parts of the horse and were able to paint on one of our BEST horses, Jack – to demonstrate each part of the horse that they were learning about. This afternoon the groups used another awesome EVR horse… SPIRIT!!!


Tonight’s evening program is a NIGHT HIKE! Where we take the girls out on one of our many trails and teach them about the forest around us and also play one of EVR’s best games – CAMOUFLAGE!! Check out smugmug.com soon for the latest pictures of tonight’s festivities.



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