The sun is blazing here at EVR and we are having a great time. Although we have altered some of the programming nothing can stop us from having fun!

This morning all the girls got to ride on a trail ride through the forest under the shade of the trees. The Barrel Racers went on Sheriff’s Shortcut Extension, and a portion of Latigo Loop, while the Bucking Bronc’s went on the whole of the Latigo Loop  from start to finish.

After the girls hosed off their horses, they had sloppy joe’s for lunch and then a visit from Al for a sing-song!

They spent rest hour cooling down and relaxing in the gamesroom before an afternoon of water fun in the sun :). – Slip ‘n’ Slide, cup races and the EVR bucket drop (which was a huge hit!). Everyone got soaked and had a great time! And don’t worry, we’re keeping hydrated with three cups of water at every meal and regularly refilling water bottles as the day goes on.

The girls are getting ready for dinner now and then night programming.

WE LOVE EVR!!!!!!!!!!!

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